Success story

EstoMpe®: The first textile to filter wavelengths

Development of the first textile able to selectively filter electromagnetic wavelengths.


Unlike existing products that block the entire frequency band, EstoMpe® is able to selectively filter pre-set frequencies, such as WIFI and GSM wavelengths. It can therefore provide protection of data and consumer when used to enclose a space.


Electromagnetic shielding properties are obtained firstly from the specific design of a pattern that creates selectivity and secondly from the printing of this pattern onto textile using a conductive ink.


EstoMpe® can also be given other features such as light blocking out, hydrophobia, fireproofing and sound insulation. This textile, developed by IFTH, a member of MICA, in partnership with SENFA, a French technical coated textiles manufacturer and CTP, member of the Institut Carnot PolyNat, is a major technological breakthrough being made available to the industry.

Finishing platform: Functionalisation of textile

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