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PolyMap: a versatile device for the analysis of surfaces

Creating Polymap, a contactless, micro-geometry surface measuring device that works in seconds.


Polymap's measuring technique consists of a miniaturization of the deflectometry principle already installed on devices designed by Holo3 and specifically dedicated to measuring specular surface (car windows). This new device, developed by the Holo3 and the Charles Sadron Institute, both members of MICA, measures local slopes on the analysed surface (1 million points on 1 cm²), a measurement that is then used to produce a 3D reconstruction of the surface.


The increased sensitivity of the process now allows the footprint on the polymer to be measured in microns and then becomes comparable to measurements obtained by interferometry or mechanical profilometer. This method has the advantage of carrying out a measurement in seconds without sample preparation or prior adjustment.

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