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How can we reduce nosocomial infections, a real risk in any implant procedure ?

With the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, nosocomial infections, particularly during implant placement, are increasing in the hospital environment. This now makes the development of new strategies to prevent these infections very important.

The solution developed by MICA is to use a self-cross-linking gel that is made functional by antimicrobial peptides. Medical grade components, alginate and Pluronic, are linked to antimicrobial peptides to form a hydrogel which demonstrates major antimicrobial properties with regard to bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, this non-toxic gel has strong adhesive properties on titanium and on tissue, which makes it usable as a filler material and an adhesive around the implant. Its use in connection with dental implants would ultimately be able to prevent peri-implantitis.

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