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Textured racing tyres for improved aerodynamic performance

MAVIC, the sports equipment manufacturer renowned for competitive cycling, called upon IREPA LASER, a member of the Institut Carnot MICA, for its expertise in laser texturing. There was one objective at the heart of the project: to improve the aerodynamic performance of the flanks of racing tyres. With laser texturing, the new racing tyres, tested in the wind tunnel, have a much higher effectiveness in competition: the complete equipment (textured hose - rim - wheel flange) saves 1 minute over every 40 km cycled at 50 km/h.

Today, many professional cycling teams are equipped with the famous MAVIC wheels. The new racing tyre has some victories behind it: Fred Van Lierde, equipped with textured racing tyres, won the first triathlon in Abu Dhabi in March 2013 and took 3rd place in the Ironman in 2012. The teams that won the 2010 Tour de France and the 2011 Giro also used this equipment.

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