Our skills

Surfaces and interfaces engineering

Functionalisation and biofunctionalisation

Micro-nanostructuring of surfaces and manufacturing of nanodevices

Processing by large-scale radiation

Mechanosensitive surfaces and films

Laser and plasma processes

Materials engineering

3D manufacturing of materials and fabrics

Additive manufacturing

Plastics processes


Manufacturing of nanodiamond by detonation


Physico-chemical surface/volume characterisations

Metrology of surfaces and deformation analysis using rapid optical techniques

Failure analysis

Detection of foreign bodies, VOCs, explosives

Mechanical behaviour of polymer surfaces


High-tech equipment

In unique configuration

  • ISO 9001 certified technical platforms
  • Platforms for tests under actual conditions
  • Operating performance and under extreme conditions
  • Non-destructive testing and on-site analysis (mobile)
  • Microscopy (optical, atomic, electronic)
  • Large-scale radiation equipment
  • Micro and nano mechanical equipment coupled with physical measurements
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance equipment
  • Optical measuring equipment for 3D reflective surfaces

A high tech platform dedicated to manufacturers


X-ray material characterisation
From molecular to macroscopic level via access to the Synchrotron Soleil

Success stories

Laser technology for the metal functionalization of textiles

Validation of a completely new technique for creating smart, electrically conductive textiles using laser technology

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Unalterable marking on thermoplastic materials

Unalterable colour laser marking for thermoplastic materials

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A remarkable ultrahydrophobic surface area

Creation of textured silicone surfaces with remarkable superhydrophobic properties

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